Ayurveda for Midwives

Aims of the 
Ayurveda for Midwives Course

  •        Understand the fundamentals of Ayurveda, a growing field of holistic health in the US and worldwide.
  •        Learn how to read the doshas at work in clients, yourself, and family members.
  •        Learn about various suitable Ayurveda therapies, including herbs.
  •        Focus on Menstrual Health, Fertility Promotion, Healthy Pregnancy Practices, Concerns of Pregnancy, Labor and Birth, and Postpartum care with Ayurveda, going to the root of the problem energetically, as well as physically and emotionally.

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Optional Mentoring with Terra via phone/internet video calls
$100 for 3 hours total
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Course Syllabus
Webinar #1 - - Basic Principles of Ayurveda -Development of the elements; Sattva, Rajas, Tamas;  Doshas- from the elements, qualities, how they move; Constitution/Condition; Subdoshas, a imbalance of doshas Practicing the doshas in everyday life; famous people, places & things as their dosha; what is your constitution; what is your condition ; Aama and Agni: principles of health;
Webinar #2 - - Ayurveda - Anatomy & Physiology - Tissues- how they develop; balance and imbalance; , Channels - what they are, balance and imbalance, Subtle energies:Ojas/tejas/pran; Revisiting the mind - sattva, rajas, tamas
Webinar #3 - - Simple Assessments with Ayurveda -Causes of disease; How disease develops;  Daily check-ins; Recognizing problems using Ayurveda:, Weighing factors; Assessing Aama, Agni, Doshas, Tissues, Channels; Sattva, rajas, tamas;  Questions to ask to determine what’s going on - Ayurveda intake and doing case presentation.
Webinar #4- - Ayurvedic therapies, Part one: Calming the mind/ lifestyle -  The mind: sattva, rajs, tamas/ vata, pitta, kapha;  daily routine:  self massage, energy pointsMarma points - balancing energy; Cleansing & renewing therapies;
Webinar#5 - Ayurvedic therapies, Part Two:  Food as Medicine - ways food can be medicine; understanding dosha balancing diets- the 6 tastes;  increasing digestive fire; herbs - key herbs to know and use; common herbs for women’s health
Webinar#6 - Female Cycles and Fertility - doshas in menstrual cycle; importance of rasa/rakta tissues and apana prana to female cycles; integrity of the female cycles, orgasm, childbirth & breast feeding; self care per Ayurveda for cycle and sexual health; - Addressing Cycle problems with Ayurveda: Addressing Female Fertility problems with Ayurveda                                                             

Webinar #7 - - Healthy Pregnancy with Ayurveda- Basic Nourishment and Support of Pregnancy: Self care advise for pregnancy; Using herbs safely in pregnancy Special Nourishment According to months of pregnancy  per Ayurveda; Doshas in pregnancy: Typical effects of doshas in pregnancy; Slide show of examples of different constitutions in pregnancy
Webinar #8 -  -  Addressing Pregnancy problems with Ayurveda -  Snapshots of Pregnancy;  Ayurvedic Herbs for Pregnancy; Discomforts; First Trimester Concerns: Threatened miscarriage;Nausea & vomiting;Lack of appetite;Fever;Vaginal infections; Hypotension; Second Trimester Concerns:Abdominal discomforts;Bladder pressure; UTIs; Varicose veins; Hypertension;Intrauterine Growth Retardation;Blood sugar problems; Twins; Third Trimester Concerns:  Maintaining Ojas; Anemia;  Preeclampsia; Breech;Premature labor; Past term;Sleep problems; Pelvic pressure; Premature labor  

Webinar #9 - Labor and birth with Ayurveda - Ayurvedic Texts on labor & birth; preparation for labor; Birth Sutras;  Labor support measures from Ayurveda;  Snapshots of labor;  Concerns of labor and birth ;  Immediate postpartum;  Case discussions - share your cases

Webinar #10 - Postpartum & Newborn with Ayurveda -Ayurvedic postpartum care:  The Sacred Window; 9 Care Principles; Special dietary needs;  PP depression and processing the birth; breastfeeding and promoting balanced, abundant breast milk; Newborn constitution and condition;  Newborn exam from Ayurvedic point of view; Oil massage for the newborn; Jata Karma - Rite of birth in India; Care of newborn;  Some newborn problems addressed

Payment through Paypal

Optional Mentoring with Terra via phone/internet video calls
$100 for 3 hours total

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Format for learning
  •     Reading assignments for each class in textbook & emailed notes (& optional texts also  recommended); Questions? Email them to Terra.
  •    3 hour classes,  10 sessions; recorded for viewing  on demand
  •   Optional Mentoring with Terra via phone/ internet video call
Required Textbooks: I’ve listed when you need them by to keep up with the class
·         Textbook:  Ayurveda for the Childbearing Years by Terra Rafael. Available from amazon.com   Get this ASAP
·         The Yoga of Herbs by Frawley and Lad.  Handy to begin with for using herbs - western and Ayurvedic  - have available before videos start on herbs - Class 5 
·         Touching Heaven, Tonic Postpartum Care and Recipes with Ayurveda, by Ysha Oakes, pdf download from www.sacredwindow.com  online store  - before last class

When you complete registration, you'll receive:

  •     Study notes and homework. Try to read the notes before viewing videos, if possible.  It will enrich your experience. 
  •       Links to the webinar videos. 
Payment through Paypal
Optional Mentoring with Terra via phone/internet video calls
$100 for 3 hours total Registration Link

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