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Terra Rafael, Certified Ayurveda Practitioner/Maya Abdominal Therapist
the Womb Room: Lafayette, CO 80026
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How Can I Serve You?

Women are both strong and vulnerable. Our systems have developed to be able to nurture life, give birth, and be a mother –among many other possibilities.  Yet sometimes our lifestyles, histories or circumstances have led to our reproductive systems & hormones, our female powers, becoming out of balance. Our digestion is a root of imbalance- or health- and is a big focus in Ayurveda.  Helping you restore your balance is my goal.  You are the master of your body and I am here to educate, support and encourage you in giving your physical form, mind & soul what is needed to work as Mother Nature intended it to – as an energetic, vital woman with

Happy Healthy Menstrual Cycles
Fertility Potential Realized When Desired
Healthy Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum
Grace in Surfing the Changes of Menopause

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Some of the Results Others Have Had from Working With Me

-Many, many women have experienced relief of menstrual cramping after treatments.

-Women have been relieved of constant pelvic discomfort.

-Heavy periods have been tamed.

-Many women have received support in moving through transitions in their lives or processing traumas, especially around incest, rape, difficulties with fertility, pregnancy and birth trauma. (This is support in addition to any needed psychotherapy.)

-Relief of irregular or missing ovulation & menses is a common result of consultations and treatments.

-Uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts were greatly reduced through maya therapy & other natural therapies, avoiding the use of hormone-disrupting medication and surgery. 

-Babies, babies, babies!

-Many women have been rebalanced after miscarriages.

-Healthy pregnancies- even with twins!

-Ayurvedic herbs and Maya therapy helped women overcome vaginal dryness &/or discomfort with sexual intercourse.

-Women in their 50’s had prolapse of uterus relieved with Maya therapy, continued self massage and other recommended self care.

-Many women have significantly reduced their hot flashes through herbs and lifestyle changes.  And they learned how to surf their sleep problems, libido changes, weight concerns.

-Women with unusually thickened uterine linings were relieved after 3 months. 

Healing Resources to Serve You

Ayurveda teaches how to live a balanced, healthy life & promote longevity. Your history and symptoms give us clues to imbalances and where they came from. When in-person, pulse reading allows us to tune in to imbalance and then treat it before it solidifies into a more physical form.  Treatments include lifestyle, dietary, herbal, energetic, and purification techniques. Ayurveda knowledge informs all my work with clients, since it helps personalize care, making it more effective.

Midwifery was my life for years and is ingrained in my practice, even though I am not registered any longer and don’t attend births. What I learned about women and their bodies supports all my work now. I love to educate about healthy cycles, fertility,pregnancy & birth! I’ve written two books for pregnancy - Pregnant Feelings (with Rahima Dancy, as Terra Palmarini Richardson) and Ayurveda for the Childbearing Years - both available on amazon.com. Menopausal women also benefit from women’s health care.

Maya Abdominal Therapy (traditional techniques from Belize) promotes the flow of blood, lymph, nerve & energy for abdominal organs & body as a whole. If you’re at a distance, I can teach you self massage over webcam. (IMPORTANT NOTE: We don’t do the Maya Abdominal Therapy on the 4 days before your period or during the period (except for spotting at the end) to respect the heaviness of the uterus at that time.) Other Maya Therapies available include Vaginal Steams, Spiritual Baths, Energy Clearing

Energy Work includes Marma Point Therapy, Reiki ,& Flower Essence Therapy(FET also in Boulder), available in-person or at a distance.

Foot reflexology helps balance organs of the body through massage to the feet. This technique is simple but amazingly effective, especially when practiced over time.  It FEELS GOOD too! 

Classes on WiseWomanhood youTube channel  Online, on-demand free educational videos on: Finding your Uterus; 3 Steps to Relaxing Menstrual Cramps; Female Anatomy; Female Cycles and more!

 Terra’s Education, Training, and Scope of Practice

 I am an alternative healthcare practitioner & teacher, not a physician, and will refer you when appropriate.  I am recognized as a practitioner by the National Ayurvedic Medicine Association and the Arvigo Institute. By law, in Colorado, I’m not allowed to: recommend that you stop any medically advised treatments, treat pregnant women, treat people with cancer, or treat children younger than 2 yrs old, but can certainly educate people about self care.

·Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner: Alandi Ayurvedic School, graduated 19 May, 2001, see www.alandiashram.org  (>100 semester credits) Training included herbs, diet, marma therapy, flower essences, cleansing, mantra, yoga, & meditation techniques ; advanced class on gynecology/obstetrics with Ayurveda; teaching women’s health to Ayurveda Practitioners and Midwives

· Reiki Master: Level I, Apr.10,1994 & Level II,  Sept.27, 1994 Master Level Initiation, Jan. 9, 1998

·Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™-certified professional therapist, Arvigo Institute, practicing since Fall 2002; weeklong training in Belize on Maya Spiritual Healing;  Also :Apprenticeship with Miss Beatrice Waight, Mayan traditional healer, midwife & shaman learning Maya spiritual healing, abdominal therapies & herbal techniques, focusing on women’s health, completed March 2003

·  Reflexology :  two day workshop with Margot Hawk, Dec 26, & 27, 2005; training w Miss Beatrice; & ongoing experience.

· Retired Registered Midwife: State of Colorado current More than 250 births experience over 15 yrs practice

· Herbs & Flower essences: ongoing study & practice since 1980. 

· BA, Psychology: Moorhead State University, Moorhead, MN, 1975.  

Financial Investment Towards Your Health Goals (10/15)
Payment is expected at the time services are provided or before.
All plans, consults available in person, via webcam &/ or phone - mix & match as needed

  • Initial 2 hour Consultation  with On-the -spot written recommendations:  $150
  • Personalized Long term Wellness Plan  OPTIONAL AND RECOMMENDED  20-30 pages of info, techniques for long-term self care as adjunct  to Initial Visit    $100 
  • One hour Follow-up Consultation  $75

  • Good Start Plan  (Initial plus 2 Follow-up Consults)  Within  3 months   $270
  • Committed Plan (6 FU Consults) Within 6 months  $405

Cancellation policy
Please notify me at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment if you want to reschedule or cancel it. You will be charged $45 for missed appointments without 24 hours notification unless I agree it is an emergency.  
For in- person Maya Abdominal Therapy appointments, if your menses arrives unannounced you may reschedule or, a Reiki, foot reflexology, marma and/or flower essence session may be substituted.

Conveniently Pay with Paypal when you receive the visit invoice, before the appointment ,or  Credit Card,Cash & Checks are accepted at the time of consultation.

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