Ayurveda - Women's Health Course

Venus of the Forest by Maria de la Cruz

Aims of the Course

  • Understand the fundamentals of Ayurveda, a growing field of holistic health in the US and worldwide. 
  •  Learn how to individualize your care to suit the person, not just the disease.
  • Focus on Menstrual Health, , Fertility of Women, Pregnancy, Birth & PP, and Menopause going to the root of the problem energetically, as well as physically and emotionally.

Format for learning:
·                     Reading assignments include textbook & emailed notes (& optional texts also  recommended); Questions? Email them to Terra answer or bring to Q & A Phone Conference.
·                     8 class videos - about 3 hours each - to watch on demand
·                     Monthly Q & A Phone Conference Phone Calls
·                     Homework - email to Terra when completed if you want credit, within 6 months of registration.


Textbook:  Ayurveda for the Childbearing Years by Terra Rafael. Available from amazon.com or lulu.com


Course Syllabus

Webinar #1 - Basic Principles of Ayurveda - Doshas- from the elements,qualities, how they move, common diseases; Constitution/Condition; Subdoshas, Tissues and when doshas invade them, Channels & when doshas invade them, The mind: Ojas/tejas/prana; the development of disease
Webinar #2 - Recognizing problems using Ayurveda; practicing the doshas in everyday life; famous people, places & things as their dosha; what is your constitution; what is your condition; working w/medical diagnoses
Webinar #3 - Ayurvedic therapies:  Using food, lifestyle, energetic, cleansing and herbal techniques: understanding dosha balancing diets- the 6 tastes; Marma points - balancing energy; Panchakarma-cleansing & renewing therapies; herbs - key herbs to know and use
Webinar #4- Ayurvedic Teachings about the Female Cycles and Sexuality: doshas in menstrual cycle; importance of rasa/rakta tissues and apana prana to female cycles; integrity of the female cycles, orgasm, childbirth & breast feeding; self care per Ayurveda for cycle and sexual health (questions)
Webinar#5 - Addressing Cycle problems with Ayurveda: common cycle problems and their roots according to Ayurveda; addressing the roots of cycle problems with Ayurvedic therapies
Webinar#6 - Addressing Female Fertility problems with Ayurveda: common female fertility problems and their roots according to Ayurveda; addressing roots of fertility problems with Ayurvedic therapies
Webinar #7 - Addressing Pregnancy with Ayurveda: general recommendations and some common pregnancy problems and their roots according to Ayurveda; addressing with Ayurvedic therapies 
Webinar #8 - Addressing Menopausal change with Ayurveda: common menopausal problems and their roots according to Ayurveda; addressing roots of menopausal change problems with Ayurvedic therapies  

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